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Non-Gender Specific Jewellery | Ashlyn's Diy Drip

Non-Gender Specific Jewellery | Ashlyn's Diy Drip

I've seen a few searches on my site for "men's rings" or "mens" but I don't believe in gender-specific jewelry. Every piece of jewellery can be worn by anyone, regardless if they're a man or woman; not limited to one sex's style and preferences!

I feel like people choose pieces of jewellery based on what matches their style, is symbolic to them, or resonates with them. Therefore I don't feel right having a men's or women's section as any pieces of jewellery can be worn by anyone; not specific to a gender.

My point being that people choose pieces based off their style-whether it be bold and colourful like many mens' accessories; elegant with flowers painted onto gold bands—whatever they want! So why would we put them into separate sections when all can wear any type?


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