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Importance of Mindful Spending - Don't Impulse Buy

Importance of Mindful Spending - Don't Impulse Buy

When I’m online shopping I try to refrain from buying things unless I really like them, and you’ll know when you do. It’s that feeling when you see a piece/item/shoe and you can’t stop thinking about it. If I don’t get the feeling, I don’t get it.


This makes it much easier to stop purchasing things purely because they’re trendy or look good on other people and helps towards building a wardrobe that truly reflects you. Pick pieces that resonate with you. I know shopping for clothing or accessories may not be that important for some people but to me it is.


Saying that, don’t make purchases just to feel good. Impulse purchasing can be used as a method for feeling better when you are having a bad day or things aren’t working out.


Many of the emotions we feel when shopping has been manipulated by marketing tactics. Various popular products that we see marketed tend to promote insecurities that were never an issue before they were mentioned. For example, many hair care companies promote the idea that if you don’t use their products, your hair may be greasy, smell, and gain dandruff, but others can testify that not using any shampoo or conditioner results in healthier hair.


As a business owner I work hard to make sure I promote my products in a way that hopefully doesn’t manipulate your emotions although many marketing tactics which work well, do that and sometimes I am unaware of how deep something can affect us.


I’d like to spread awareness about mindful spending as it can end up saving you lots of money as well as no regretful purchases. So here are some tips:

  1. Budget an amount for purchasing your wants and don’t go over it.
  2. Consider your values/priorities. If most your money isn’t going towards them, maybe reconsider what you prioritise or reconsider where you’re spending.
  3. When buying material things, only buy those that resonate with you.
  4. Before purchasing something or after viewing an ad for something you’re starting to consider buying, ask yourself, “What emotion am I feeling right now?”
  5. Emotional awareness. Recognise when you are buying something just to “feel better.” 


It is hard for me to balance, but I have been working on finding the middle between marketing and my higher self. I really enjoyed writing this and I hope you guys enjoyed reading it

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