Ring Care

Please note that unless the item is made from just stainless steel or tungsten carbide, it will eventually tarnish. This can be prevented for a while depending on how well the item is taken care of! Plated items will last longer than items made of alloy.

Stainless Steel and Titanium:

All of our rings that are made of stainless steel or titanium will not turn your finger green and won’t tarnish. How good is that! That means you can wear your stainless steel and titanium rings in water 🤩

Rhodium Plated:

Rhodium is similar to stainless steel as it doesn’t tarnish! A few of our rings are rhodium plated. This is good, although the rhodium plating can eventually rub off after a while of wearing it (about a year) so we don’t recommend wearing it in water just in case. But if you get it wet once, don’t stress 😅

925 Sterling Silver:

Our sterling silver rings are 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other alloyed metals. Sometimes the 7.5% of the ring composition can turn part of your finger green if the rings is constantly wet. Although, this is not common and purely depends on your skin. Overall, I would not recommend wearing your 925 sterling rings in water to prolong its life and prevent discolouration.

14Kt gold plated:

These are very similar to 925 sterling silver items as it is a composition made of gold and alloyed metals. We recommend you don’t wear it in water to prolong its life and prevent discolouration.

Brass with Gold IP:

If brass has contact with water or sweat, it is likely to turn your finger green and tarnish. Our brass rings are plated with gold IP. Gold IP is a plating method that prolongs the life of our rings! The plating usually lasts 1-2 years before rubbing off and exposing the brass underneath. We recommend you keep minimal contact with water and these rings.