Pearl Necklace
Pearl Necklace - Ashlyn's Diy Drip
Pearl Necklace - Ashlyn's Diy Drip
Ashlyn's Diy Drip

Pearl Necklace

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PLEASE NOTE: You’ll be receiving the necklace in the 1st picture. The other pictures are for reference.


This pearl necklace is one of our most popular items! It is a dupe of the original Vivienne Westwood design, made with imitation pearls. This beautiful piece works with a large range of outfits and is available for such an affordable price, who wouldn't purchase this necklace?!

It’s perfect for a day picnic outfit or even a classy dinner outfit. Its flexibility in style makes it so convenient for you, ensuring you’re getting your money’s worth 😉

To make sure you take good care of this necklace, we recommend you follow our tips under the Taking Care page on our site.


This necklace is about 43cm in length.

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